U2 Tattoo Project creator Beth Nabi interviews a tattooed U2 fan.


How are you collecting tattoos?
Two ways: on site at U2 shows and online via fan submissions.

Where will the photos be seen?
The site is currently undergoing a major update, but will ultimately feature the project’s original photos, as well as user submissions. I plan to publish in print a larger collection in the future, along with research findings. The project held its first exhibition of research at the University of North Florida Gallery of Art in Jacksonville, Florida, in August 2016 and took the exhibit to Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 24–25, 2016, as part of atu2.com’s #U240 celebration

What shows are you going to?
Follow U2 Tattoo Project on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Where can I find you?
I scope out GA lines and wander around arenas and stadiums looking for tattooed fans the morning and afternoon before the shows I attend. You can spot me in a “U2 Tattoo Project” shirt. I also invite you to message me (via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or email) if you’re in the same city, and we can make arrangements to meet.

Can I send you a photo of my U2 tattoo?
Please do! Online submissions will be very important to the data collection. Please use the submission form, so that I can gather more information about your tattoo(s).

What kind of tattoos are you looking for?
I’m interested in any U2-related tattoo, whether it’s an emblem, icon or type treatment of theirs, or lyrics, or other graphic representation directly linked to the band.

I submitted my tattoo/You photographed my tattoo a long time ago. Why isn’t it on the site?
I’m a one-person operation with a full-time job and long-term plans for the Project (a book, conference presentations, a website database). And U2 have toured almost non-stop since I started the project, which means I’m on the road trying to reach as many fans as possible! Ultimately, all the tattoos submitted online or documented in person will be published.

Is the U2 Tattoo Project affiliated with U2?
No. I’m an independent fan and researcher.